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French Fry-Obsessed Eatery Arrives This Weekend in Humble

Curly, waffle, and sweet potato fries, all topped with everything from buffalo chicken to truffle oil

Buffalo wing fries await
Get Fried/Facebook
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As promised, Houston will soon be home to Get Fried, a restaurant that’s totally dedicated to serving french fries.

The restaurant is set to open its doors at Humble’s Deerbrook Mall over the weekend, bringing its french fry-obsessed menu to the suburb, announces a press release. Originally, it was reported that the first location of Get Fried would open at the Marq*E Entertainment Center, but it’s unclear whether or not the restaurant moved to a new space or that will be an additional forthcoming restaurant. Expect multiple Get Fried outposts to open in Houston if the concept works out in Space City — the quick-serve chain is currently plotting a rapid expansion throughout Texas, with locations also planned for Austin and Dallas in the coming months.

As far as the fries are concerned, diners can look forward to six different types — waffle, curly, hand cut, straight cut, sweet potato, or sugary funnel fries — that are served plain or garnished with toppings like chicken, Buffalo wing sauce, and blue cheese. There’s also sliders that have waffle fries in place of the bun, and “Texas-style” french fry nachos on the menu.

Get Fried will make its debut on Saturday, February 17. The restaurant will kick open its doors at noon.