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Tout Suite Memorial Is Closing on March 1

The owners explained why they’re shutting down the mall location

Toute Suite/Facebook

Coffee shop and restaurant Toute Suite is closing its Tout Suite Memorial location in Memorial City Mall, effective March 1. The owners announced the news on Facebook, writing that all the employees will be integrated into its Sweet bakery or main Toute Suite location downtown. Tout Suite Memorial opened in 2016 in the mall, in what the owners say was an environment “completely out our comfort zone and key audience.”

They explained the closure on Facebook, writing:

While we were able to achieve a lot of our goals we set out to conquer, we’ve decided to close down our Memorial location, effective March 1, 2018. Over the past year and a half, we found it a little more difficult than expected to bring our local and family vibes to a mass environment focused around big conglomerates & chains, and closing down our Memorial City location will allow us to pursue several other opportunities on our horizon.

So watch this space for more news, but in the meantime, expect good things at the downtown location. “Leaving Memorial City will give us a chance to recalibrate, refocus and reconnect to our city, bringing along our new ideas and concepts along with us. Believe us, we definitely experienced growing family pains, and are excited to improve our menu and our service in Downtown,” the post reads.