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Former Motorcycle Racer Brings Roman Pizza to West University

He fell in love with the pizza after living in Italy

Owner Will Gruy is opening Pizza Motus in Edloe Street Cafe’s old spot
Courtesy Pizza Motus

Pizza Motus is bringing light and crispy Roman-style pizzas to West University this summer, thanks to a professional motorcycle racer from Texas who lived much of his life in Italy.

“Motus” means movement in Latin, and sticking true to its name, the fast-casual eatery at 6119 Edloe St. will offer a walk-up window for grab-and-go slices as well as made-to-order pies that can be enjoyed on its patio.

Owner Will Gruy claims that the lighter, crispier Roman-style street pizzas don’t get soggy. “They are optimal for taking home,” he said in a statement. The baking process is key: “Each pizza is baked in a steel baking pan and cut into rectangles. The particular dough levitation and baking process... allows it to retain a crisp, light bite,” he explained. In addition to the thin-crust pizzas, Pizza Motus will offer salads, grain bowls, sandwiches, and Italian ice and other sweets for dessert. It’s also BYOB.

“The Pizza Motus concept takes inspiration from the Roman-style street pizza I grew to love while living there for many years,” said Gruy. “Some dishes are true to their Roman heritage and others have a decidedly Texan twist on them.”

Stay tuned for an official opening date and hours of operation.