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Cotton-Candy-Wrapped Ice Cream Hits Houston Next Month

The ice cream dream is coming all the way from Sydney, Australia

A cloud of cotton candy topped with green soft serve ice cream. Aqua S/Facebook

Shops selling Instagram-worthy treats have popped up all over Houston lately, and now Space City residents will have another reason to bust out their smartphone cameras. Cotton candy-wrapped soft-serve cones are making their way to Houston.

An Aussie ice cream shop called Aqua S broke the news yesterday on social media: The company’s first stateside location will be moving into 9889 Bellaire Blvd in Dun Huang Plaza in March.

Aqua S specializes in dreamily colored ice creams topped with toasted marshmallows, mochi, lychee, popcorn, and of course, wrapped in cotton candy. The pic-worthy treats have gained a loyal following of Instagrammers. Tens of thousands of posts depicting the candy-colored ice creams have popped up on the social media platform.

No word yet on whether the entire menu is making the trans-Pacific trek from the Land Down Under. But if it does, dessert-lovers can look forward to inventive flavors like rose watermelon, earl grey milk tea, mango grapefruit, egg pudding, and of course, the company’s signature aqua blue, sea-salt flavored soft serve.

Check back for details on Aqua S’ official opening date and hours of operation.