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Les Ba’get Is Closed In Montrose, Will Transform Into A New Noodle Destination

Fortunately, the original is getting a brand new home

These bowls of pho are definitely worth the wait
Mai Pham

Les Ba’get, the beloved Montrose Vietnamese eatery that served as operations command center during the first few days after Hurricane Harvey, has closed its doors.

The restaurant shuttered on Friday, but it’s already plotting a comeback. “It was a last minute thing,” owner Cat Huynh and wife Angie Dang explained to Eater Houston. “The volume had continued to grow to where it was overwhelming the kitchen,” he says of the sudden closure. Judging by the parking lot during peak hours, the restaurant was outgrowing its space in other ways, too.

Huynh says that the space will be closed for about a month for renovations. By end of February or early March, the restaurant will re-emerge as a pho bar called Les Noo’dle. Conceived in large part due to demand for its brothy bowls, Les Noo’dle will offer three different kinds of pho — beef, chicken and a vegetarian option.

“I’m going to add more ingredients, like beef tongue. The chicken is going to be free range. We’re also going to have wine-based cocktails on tap,” Huynh says. The space is being remodeled to channel a ‘night market’ feel.”

While this news is certainly disappointing to fans of Les Ba’get, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. “We’ll be opening a new Les Ba’get location at 34th and Ella in late Spring,” Huynh says. The 3,000 square foot space is being built from the ground up, and will have 80 seats and more than 100 parking spaces.

At the new location, Huynh plans to bring back the Les Bag’et menu, which includes banh mi sandwiches, pho, rice vermicelli noodle bowls, fried chicken and pandan waffles and sizzling Vietnamese steak and eggs. “We will also have a liquor license to serve cocktails,” he says.

For now, though, fans of Les Ba’get will have to wait. Les Noo’dle is expected to arrive in Montrose sometime next month, and Les Ba’get will hit 34th & Ella later this spring.

In the meantime, scope out a rendering of the new Les Ba’get below:

Courtesy Les Ba’get