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A Board Game Obsessed Brewery Will Open in Katy

Construction is underway at Wood For Sheep Brewing

Wacky games like Bears vs. Babies will be stocked in the library
Wood For Sheep Brewing/Facebook
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Katy will soon be home to Wood For Sheep Brewing, a brand new beer destination that takes its inspiration from iconic board games.

Wood For Sheep Brewing, named after a popular phrase in the game Settlers of Catan, is set to open its doors at 6801 Highway Boulevard in the near future, according to Swamplot. Posts to the fledgling brewery’s Facebook page indicate that it just received permitting approval to begin plumbing work on the space, formerly occupied by the Eternal Food Ministry, last week.

“We are super nerds about both,” owner Jessica Merritt tells Eater. “We’ve been working on custom game tables that are designed to be great for beer and games, with lots of cupholders, purse hooks, and a sunken, sound-baffled surface for game play.” Wood For Sheep’s board game library will boast upwards of 200 games, ranging from classic titles like Operation and Monopoly to more obscure tabletop offerings like King of Tokyo and Champions of Midgard.

When Wood For Sheep Brewing opens, it will be home to a brewpub that boasts both an extensive collection of classic board and card games, along with custom-made tables at which to play a lengthy game of Risk or Clank. According to Merritt, the brewery will pour stouts all year long, along with a passionfruit kettle sour and red IPA, along with wine, sodas, and nitro cold brew, also on tap. At the brewery, a competitive barbecue team from Katy will take over the kitchen to serve smoked meats, and food trucks will likely follow later.

Our timeline continues to be flexible. We will open in 2018, ideally sooner than later. I can’t tell you anything more specific than that because I don’t know yet; it really depends on factors that aren’t completely under our control. But I can tell you that we are currently licensed by the TTB (federal) and TABC (state), and our plans have been approved by both the City of Katy and the health department. We are currently working on plumbing, parking, and other details needed before we can obtain our certificate of occupancy. I’ve been told that will take a few weeks. Once we receive the certificate, we can move in equipment and dial in our full scale production. We will be able to announce an opening date then.

Construction is currently underway at Wood For Sheep Brewing, and its owners aren’t quite ready to commit to an opening date. Look for it to debut before the end of 2018.

Update (March 13, 2018, 6:01 p.m.): This post has been updated with additional details on Wood For Sheep Brewing’s board game and beer options.