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Fruity Pebble Churros Are a Thing Now in Houston

Red Circle Ice Cream is putting their churros on a stick and covering them with cereal

Red Circle/Instagram

Breakfast cereals marketed to kids are infiltrating every corner of the dining sphere lately, from Fruity Pebble french toast to Cap’n Crunch cocktails, and now, Red Circle Ice Cream has jumped on the bandwagon with Fruity Pebble-covered, matcha-glazed churros wound around a stick - the Churro Jr. pops, they’re calling them.

The ice cream purveyor has been mashing up some of the best treats from the dessert universe since it opened last August including bubble waffle cones wrapped around a scoop of ice cream and topped with cookies, Pocky, mochi, popcorn, or sprinkles — and of course, don’t forget the shop’s Churro Daddy, which encircles a scoop of ice cream with a churro halo.

Heart-shaped churros were released when the shop opened, and now diners can look forward to churros in a new configuration.