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Korean Soft Serve Cafe Milkcow’s First Houston Location Set to Take Over Instagram Feeds

Get ready for soft serve topped with popcorn, cotton candy, honeycomb, macarons, and more

Honeycomb-topped soft serve
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Milkcow, a South Korean soft serve chain known for topping its treats with popcorn, cotton candy, and organic honeycomb, will soon debut in Houston.

A tipster tells Eater that the shop will open at 1511 South Mason Road, and a Google Maps photo of the new location confirms its arrival. When it opens in Houston, Milkcow joins a growing field of trendy dessert shops, like Snowy Village, Mango Mango, Aqua S, and Milk & Cream. Suffice it to say — Houstonians have a true affinity for desserts that taste as delicious as the look on Instagram.

Milkcow is known for its signature sweet cream soft serve topped with organic honeycomb and honey, and the toppings are where things really get interesting. Diners can top a cup of soft serve with a macaron, or shroud it in a layer of cotton candy. Caramel popcorn and rainbow-colored ice cream cones are also on offer, along with Belgian waffles, milkshakes, and tea drinks.

Milkcow is expected to debut this summer, though no official opening date has been set just yet. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting new addition to Houston’s dessert scene.