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La Fisheria Makes Triumphant Comeback In Downtown Houston

The Downtown seafood spot has been closed since Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc

La Fisheria/Facebook
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Months after the restaurant was forced to close due to damage from Hurricane Harvey, Downtown seafood spot La Fisheria is making a triumphant comeback.

The restaurant at 213 Milam has been closed and under construction for months after Harvey dumped more than 32 inches of rain in Downtown and the surrounding areas. Over the weekend, La Fisheria announced its comeback in a Facebook video that doesn’t really offer much insight into what the newly-revamped space is going to look like or if any significant changes were made to its interior.

Fans of La Fisheria are likely waiting for the return of its menu of Mexican-inspired seafood dishes like classic Space City seafood soup (and hangover cure) vuelva a la vida. For diners who didn’t make it to La Fisheria before the closure, the menu is stacked with exciting seafood plates, ranging from fresh ceviches to shrimp tacos, deep-fried lobster, and grilled whole fish.

La Fisheria makes its official return on Monday, April 2. The doors will be open from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m.

La Fisheria

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