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A New Cajun Restaurant Brings Crawfish and Jambalaya to Montrose

Padna’s Cajun Eatery will take over the space formerly occupied by Biskit Junkie

Padna’s Cajun Eatery/Facebook
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Padna’s Cajun Eatery, a new spot focused on the fruits of the Gulf, will take over the space formerly occupied by Biskit Junkie in Montrose.

A photo of the public notice for Padna’s alcohol retail permit posted to real estate forum HAIF indicates that the new restaurant will take over Biskit Junkie’s former home at 403 Westheimer Road. Biskit Junkie closed its doors earlier this month, and its offerings have since moved under the same roof as Jus’ Mac, owner Patrick Alvarez’s mac and cheese-focused restaurant.

The Facebook page for Padna’s Cajun Eatery indicates that it will serve up Cajun favorites like catfish po’ boys, crawfish and andouille jambalaya, and beignets. Crawfish boils will likely be on offer too, evidenced by the restaurant’s “soft-opening” party, set for this weekend. The BYOB shindig boasts that it will serve the “biggest, cleanest, and most authentic crawfish in Houston,” perhaps a solid traditional Louisiana-style alternative to Houston’s own massively popular Viet-Cajun crawfish.

Padna’s Cajun Eatery has not announced an official opening date, but crawfish enthusiasts can get their first taste of the new restaurant at its “pre-party” on Saturday, April 28 starting at 1 p.m.