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Bartenders Will Compete to Take Over Indie, Coming Soon to Bravery Chef Hall

The new bar is one of three planned for the forthcoming Downtown food hall

Courtesy Bravery Chef Hall

The Indie Bar will be one of three booze purveyors coming to Downtown’s Bravery Chef Hall this summer.

Local bartenders will go head-to-head in a Shark Tank-style competition to earn their spot in the rotating lineup at Indie. The plan is for contenders to pitch Bravery partners Anh Mai, Lian Pham, and Shepard Ross on their “vision” for the space. Once chosen, they’ll be responsible for building an identity at the food hall including: creating menus, executing a design, and bringing their own team of staff. No word yet on how long the selection process will take, or how often the lineup will rotate.

“The Indie Bar concept offers local, talented bar professionals the opportunity to showcase their skills, vision, creativity, and personality while benefitting from the structure, facilities, and financial backing that Bravery Chef Hall provides,” a press release reads. “One of the cornerstones of Bravery’s business philosophy is to act as an ‘incubator’ for local talent, offering them the opportunity to thrive and grow.”

When Indie launches this summer in the Aris Tower at 409 Travis St, it will join an exciting lineup of eateries, including recently announced MasterChef winner Christine Ha’s The Blind Goat, Chef Ben McPherson’s BOH Pasta, and a Japanese-Peruvian fusion, Nuna Nikkei Bar, from Chef David Guerrero of Andes Café.

Bravery Chef Hall is expected to make its debut in early July. Stay tuned for more information on the official opening date.