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Take A Peek at the Menu for Les Noo’dle, Opening Soon In Montrose

Vegan pho, cocktails, and exciting new appetizers await

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Succulent sous vide egg awaits at Les Noo’dle
Mai Pham/EHOU

The wait is almost over, folks — Les Noo’dle, the reincarnation of popular Montrose Vietnamese eatery Les Bag’et, is just about ready to debut.

Since late last week, owners Cat Huynh and Angie Dang have been doing informal friends and family experiment to test out their new menu and noodle service. The opening date is imminent, but it’s likely going to take another couple of weeks for the restaurant to fully swing open its doors.

“We want to take the time to get it right,” says Cat Huynh, who spent the last couple of months working on new recipes and changing up the interiors to give Les Noo’dle more of street feel. In lieu of wallpaper, the outer facing walls have been covered in a decoupage made up of black and white photos of street scenes from Vietnam. In the anterior space, small tables have been removed in favor of longer 6-seater communal tables set on concrete block table bases.

While Les Bag’et served sandwiches, vermicelli bowls and other popular items like Vietnamese steak and eggs, Les Noo’dle is more like a next-generation pho house, with pho as the main dish. Due to the size constraints of the kitchen, Huynh could only offer beef pho before. Now, he’s offering three types of pho broths — beef, chicken and vegan.

Those familiar with Huynh’s beef pho will welcome the return of Huynh’s aromatic, 24-hour simmered broth. The build-your-own bowls come with a choice of up to six toppings in the standard bowl (filet mignon, beef shank (new), beef tendon, lean brisket, fatty brisket, and beef meatball). Huynh’s chicken pho features free range chicken broth, also with a choice of up to six toppings (dark meat, white meat, chicken heart, chicken gizzards, chicken liver, quail eggs).

What’s perhaps most exciting is Huynh’s new vegan pho, which features a sweet, delicately aromatic broth that will satisfy even the pickiest pho eaters, and fresh toppings such as zucchini and king mushroom. All of the pho bowls can be ordered “dry style,” with the pho broth on the side. And the best part? Standard bowl configurations all ring in at a budget-friendly $10.

Alongside the pho, Huynh has introduced a slew of new appetizers in the $4 to $7 range. Highlights include a sous vide egg with steamed tofu, spicy cucumber salad, veal salad with paddy herbs, lotus with chicken giblet salad, and Vietnamese style street corn. There are also three new cocktails on tap — a Pho Collins, Saigon Night, and Purple Rain.

Scope out the menu and photos of dishes to look forward to below in this exclusive sneak peek at Les Noo’dle. Stay tuned for an official opening date.

The new veal salad with paddy herbs
Spicy, saucy cucumbers
Vegan pho with tofu
Mai Pham