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Crawfish-Topped Elotes Are Now Officially a Thing in Houston

Plus, more over-the-top novelty foods to eat right now

Amy McCarthy is a staff writer at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

In the Instagram era, over-the-top food reigns. From massive macaron ice cream sandwiches crusted with cereal to artfully-arranged avocado toasts, Houston is home to plenty of novelty foods that will definitely grab likes on Instagram — and they’re also delicious.

Eater has rounded up five new-to-Houston novelty foods that are definitely worth a try. Snap a pic for the ‘gram, then dig into crawfish-topped elotes and so much more at these five Houston restaurants.

Crawfish-Topped Elotes

At Liberty House on Washington Avenue, elotes (pictured above) get a major Cajun upgrade. Instead of a cup, corn is piled into a paper basket, then piled high with crawfish tails, cotija cheese, crushed spicy Takis, and Japanese mayonnaise.

Liberty Station, 2101 Washington Avenue

Golden Bagels/Facebook

Avocado Toast on a Bagel

Avocado toast is ubiquitous on Instagram, but Golden Bagels in the Heights kicks it up a notch by putting this uber-healthy fruit on one of their perfect bagels. Choose an everything bagel, then wait for it to be topped with two massive scoops of avocado and a photogenic (and fresh) radish garnish. Dill-spiked cream cheese on the side is also an excellent choice.

Golden Bagels & Coffee, 3121 White Oak Drive

A cloud of cotton candy topped with green soft serve ice cream. Aqua S

Fairy Floss-Wrapped Ice Cream

Aqua S recently landed in Asiatown, and the Sydney-based chain’s sea salt ice cream is destined to become an essential Space City summer snack. Kick up that soft serve an additional notch with a halo of fairy floss (also known as cotton candy), crushed Pop Rocks candy, sweet popcorn, or torched marshmallows. The shop also has plenty of neon signs perfect for selfies.

Aqua S, 9889 Bellaire Boulevard

BCK Kitchen & Cocktail Adventures

Apple Jacks Breakfast Bun

At BCK Kitchen & Cocktail Adventures, the Heights’ newest destination for brunch, plenty of over-the-top dishes are on offer, including a massive apple cinnamon bun that’s showered in Apple Jacks cereal. There’s also the Flamin’ Hot bloody mary, a decidedly spicy take on the drink that involves crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in the mix, and a few whole Cheetos on top as a garnish. Sounds weird, but it works.

BCK Kitchen & Cocktail Adventures, 933 Studewood Street

Les Noo’dle

Watermelon Slush

There’s nothing more appealing than a drink that’s served inside the fruit that it’s based on, and the new watermelon slush at Les Noo’dle is proof. A personal seedless watermelon is hollowed out, juiced, and refilled with the hangover-busting beverage. A candy-wrapped straw and sprinkle of Tajin gild the lily.