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Beloved Tex-Mex Restaurant Fiesta Loma Linda Shutters

The East End eatery was open for 62 years

Yelp/Monica M.

Tex-Mex restaurant Fiesta Loma Linda, a 62-year-old stalwart of Houston’s dining scene, has officially closed its doors.

The restaurant permanently shuttered earlier this month, according to the Houston Chronicle. The announcement came in an update to Fiesta Loma Linda’s website, which offered gratitude to its dedicated fans but didn’t explain why the restaurant suddenly closed its doors.

“After 62 years of serving the East End of Houston, Fiesta Loma Linda Tex-Mex Restaurant & Bar has permanently closed its doors,” the statement reads. “Thank you to all of our customers and friends for their years of patronage. We will miss y’all.” The restaurant was unreachable by phone since its lines were disconnected after the announcement.

Fiesta Loma Linda was known for its old-school Tex Mex standbys and a bowl of queso that was well-loved across Houston. The restaurant’s version of the dish gave diners the option to add fresh onions and pickled jalepeños, which the Chronicle’s food critic Alison Cook detailed in a roundup of the city’s best bowls of queso. She further extolled the virtues of the old guard Tex Mex joints (pre-fajita, as she calls them) in this piece, several of which have disappeared from Houston’s dining scene in recent years, including Leo’s and Felix.