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LemonShark Will Soon Bring Its Poke Bowls to Houston

The California-based chain promises a more elevated experience

Yelp/Maria Marija M.

It appears that LemonShark Poké has its sights on Houston, thanks to Wallflowers’ guitarist Tobi Miller and ex-racecar driver Richard Gottlieb.

No word yet on where the forthcoming Space City location will launch, only that the duo are planning a major push into Texas, New York, Chicago, and across various Southern states after expanding into Florida. Last week, the duo announced five forthcoming locations in North Texas, and they’re currently scoping out locations for Houston and Austin.

Each shop features upscale Japanese-inspired interiors that are “nice enough [to] eat there on a Friday night,” Miller told Dallas’ CultureMap. The shop’s sustainably sourced fish offerings include line-caught ahi and albacore tuna, salmon, and tofu for vegetarians. Several rice options will be on offer, including traditional sushi and brown rice, along with bamboo and forbidden rice. And nearly two dozen toppings can be added to the bowls and “poké-ritos” (a seaweed wrapped burrito) including mango, pineapple, onions, water chestnuts, and more.

A location or opening timeline for the chain’s arrival has not been announced. Stay tuned for more details.