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This Car Wash is Serving Up Some of the City’s Most Exciting New Puerto Rican Food

Get a Cuban sandwich with yucca fries at Sofrito while your ride gets a bath

Sofrito’s tripleta empanadilla, a new off-menu item.

Sofrito, a Puerto Rican cafe serving up some delicious Latin American fare, is the newest eatery to call Dr. Gleem Carwash home.

Historically, this car wash at 3103 Ella Blvd isn’t just a place to get your vehicle cleaned up, it’s also a restaurant incubator of sorts. Its Ella location has also served as home base for restaurants including Maria’s Cafe and popular eatery Facundo Cafe. Most recently, it was home to Houston’s third outpost of local juice shop Nourish.

Named for the tomato-garlic-pepper sauce that is ubiquitous in Puerto Rican cuisine, Sofrito offers an abbreviated (yet solid) menu of two sandwich options, plus a burger, yuca fries, tostones (fried plantains), and wings. Diners can definitely look forward to the Cuban sandwich with slow roasted pork leg, pineapple and achiote glazed ham, swiss, and mustard pressed between two gloriously toasted buns.

Sofrito’s biggest fan is probably proprietor CJ Dilan’s father, who promoted the restaurant on his Facebook page and posted some tantalizing off-menu items like a tripleta empanadilla and octopus salad with avocado.

Sofrito is open now, and operates Monday through Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.