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Greenway Coffee Teams Up With Snap Kitchen For New Dairy-Free Beverage Bar

Look for Malk BevBar at its Kirby location


Greenway Coffee is teaming up with dairy-free milk brand Malk Organics to open a new dairy-free beverage bar inside the Snap Kitchen outpost at 3600 Kirby Dr.

Called Malk BevBar, the new venture will offer nut-based milks along with caffeinated beverages developed by Greenway Coffee’s David Buehrer, like a hazelnut & maple pecan latte and mocha almond latte. Smoothies are also on the menu, including a superfood maca-cashew blend.

“Sure, you can find coffee shops with almond milk or milk alternatives, but they are typically laden with gums, fillers, tons of carbs and oils,” Malk Organics founder August Vega said in a statement. “With Malk BevBar, we are sticking to our motto to keep it simple with no additives.”

This is the first collaboration of its kind for Snap Kitchen, according to CEO Dale Easdon. “At Snap, we always strive to partner with like-minded brands at our shops and love working with local brands, like Malk, to create unique and healthy experiences,” he said in a statement.

Malk BevBar will open its doors at Snap Kitchen on May 12. The new drink purveyor will operate from 7 to 10:30 a.m.