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A Chic New Wine Bar Will Open in the Heart of the Heights

La Grande Rue is expected to debut this fall


In the coming months, a new wine bar and boutique wine shop will bring quality bottles from across the globe to the Heights.

Called La Grande Rue, the wine bar will be located smack dab in the heart of the Heights at 1344 Yale Street, and will be housed in a cool 1920’s or 1930’s standalone building with natural brick walls. The wine bar side will occupy approximately 1,100 square feet, with bar seating for 10 or 12 drinkers, individual tables, and additional seating on the outdoor patio. A brick wall with a connecting door will provide access to the adjacent retail space.

A project of friends and industry veterans William Meznarich and Brian Doke, the duo says that a quality wine bar has long been missing from the Heights. “We desperately need a fine wine-type bar in the Heights,” says Meznarich, who was most recently a partner and distributor for Victory Wine Group. “Right now, if I want to relax and enjoy some cool wines, I have to drive to downtown or the middle of Montrose, so I find myself drinking at home a lot.”

Though still in the preliminary planning phase, Meznarich says that the wine shop will have 300 to 400 different bottles on offer, with a large tasting table in the middle. A separate, climate-controlled glass-enclosed room will be constructed to house the high end wines. He anticipates offering approximately 30 wines by the glass in the wine bar. When it’s open wine enthusiasts will be able to purchase bottles from the retail side to take over to the wine bar to enjoy.

“The world of wine is so vast, I only have 5% grasp of it,” Meznarich says. “It can be very intimidating. But there are so many great wines that people aren’t exposed to at all, so I want to help take that intimidation factor away.”

His partner Doke, who spent years at the Tiny Boxwoods group opening restaurants in Houston and Austin, will oversee the kitchen. “We’re going to have nice curated cheese selections, a great charcuterie program, caviar from all levels, and baguettes to take home if you’re stopping by,” he says. “We’re also going to have a chef-driven, locally-sourced bites, shareables, and things for groups—enough for a full meal, if you’re hungry.”

Winos will have to wait until fall for a taste of La Grande Rue. It’s expected to debut sometime in late October or early November.

La Grande Rue

1344 Yale Street, Houston, TX 77008