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See All the Flavors at the New Snowballs x Bebidas Shaved Ice Stand

Made with organic syrups 

Photos: Adair Concepts

What once was a former drive-thru bank’s teller window inside the inner loop is now a stand for fancy snowballs made with all-organic syrups. Houston cafe Bebidas opened its new Snowballs x Bebidas stand yesterday at 2606 Edloe Street.

Snowball fans won’t be able to miss the shaved ice stand, thanks to its colorful branding. California-based brand Nature’s Flavors is behind the organic syrups, which include classic flavors like fruit punch, watermelon and black cherry. There are more unique flavors too, like chocolate peanut butter, lavender, mint, cinnamon or almond snow.

The snowballs cost $2.50 for an 8-ounce serving or $3.50 for a 13-ounce serving. Go crazy and “snowcap” an order, which means adding condensed milk, chamoy, or Houston-based MALK Organics nut milk in flavors like rich maple pecan, almond, and cashew milk. Snowballs x Bebidas is suggesting some flavor combinations too, like “Smells Like Summer” or lavender, lemonade and mint. Check out this new summer hangout below.

Snowballs x Bebidas

2606 Edloe Street, Houston, TX 77027