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‘Ugly Delicious’ Chef Nikki Tran’s Houston Restaurant Debuts Next Month

Get ready for Viejun cuisine, y’all

A glimpse at Nikki Tran’s ‘Viejun’ cuisine
Cậu Ba Quán/Facebook
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Kau Ba Saigon Kitchen, the Montrose restaurant from Vietnamese chef Nikki Tran, is preparing to open its doors next month.

A representative for the restaurant tells Eater that Kau Ba Saigon Kitchen will make its debut before the end of July, bringing Tran’s unique fusion of Cajun and Vietnamese — or as she calls it, “Viejun” — cuisine to Space City. As Eater reported in March, the restaurant will open inside the space formerly occupied by recently-departed wine bar Bacchus at 2502 Dunlavy Street.

The menu isn’t finalized just yet, but diners can expect a “retro, Saigon pre-1975” vibe at Kau Ba Saigon Kitchen, and dishes that fuse the culinary traditions of both Vietnam and Houston. Tran’s cuisine earned raves from chef and food personality David Chang, who featured her Ho Chi Minh City restaurant Ca Ba Quan in the first season of his Neflix show Ugly Delicious.

Kau Ba Saigon Kitchen is expected to arrive on July 21. Stay tuned for more details on what the menu will look like.

Kau Ba Saigon Kitchen

2502 Dunlavy Street, Houston, TX 77006