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Ice Cream-Filled Croissants Are Coming to Sugar Land

Look for California’s Churned Creamery this summer

Churned Creamery/Facebook

Churned Creamery, a California export for all things ice cream, is opening its first Texas location in Sugar Land this summer.

The forthcoming iced treats eatery will debut at 2587 A Town Center Blvd either by the end of June or beginning of July, its owner Saleem Riaz tells Eater. He’d been looking for an ice cream franchise to open in the Houston area, but passed on other concepts like the nitrogen-frozen trend in favor of Churned Creamery’s small batch, machine-churned product.

In addition to ice cream-filled croissants offered in mouth-watering flavors like PB&J and rocky road, Churned offers pretty much every trendy frozen treat known to the Houston area including: ice cream-topped churro donuts, acai sorbet bowls, soda floats, boba tea, plus ice creams topped with breakfast cereals — another of H-Town’s popular food accouterments.

Churned Creamery’s website promises superior ingredients sourced from Italy and “advanced” machinery that churns out “velvety smooth” ice cream straight from the barrel. “The competitors don’t have anything like this,” Riaz says. He mentions plans to expand the franchise throughout Texas with his business partner. They’re eyeing two more locations in Houston followed by an expansion into San Antonio or Dallas. “The first hurdle is the biggest hurdle. We’ll get this one out and then we’ll see what’s next in the pipeline,” he says.

Churned Creamery

2587 Town Center Blvd N, Sugar Land, TX 77479