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Luxury Candy Retailer Sugarfina Brings Champagne Gummy Bears to the Galleria

The California-based chain offers a bounty of luxe sweets

Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

Next week, luxury candy boutique Sugarfina will shower the Galleria with its Champagne-infused gummy bears and single malt scotch cordials.

The Los Angeles-based candy shop will open its first standalone Houston outpost next week, in the space near Fossil and Zara, according to a press release. Sugarfina is known for its ritzy sweets for grown-ups, including the famous Champagne gummy bears that are flavored with Dom Perignon. There’s also chocolate covered almonds that look like martini olives, matcha caramels, and tiny beer-flavored gummies that are shaped like bottles of Corona.

Sugarfina’s fancy sweets are headed to Houston in a big way. A location is expected to land at Rice Village later this summer, and another outpost will open at Market Street in the Woodlands. That brings the total of Sugarfina locations across the country to nearly 40, including outposts in Austin and Dallas.

Sugarfina will make its Galleria debut on June 11.

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