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Nippon Chef Naoki Yoshida Is Plotting A Modern Japanese Restaurant

Shun Japanese Kitchen is currently in the works

A5 Wagyu sushi at Nippon Japanese Restaurant
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After working at one of Houston’s finest sushi bars, Chef Naoki Yoshida is planning a new modern Japanese izakaya.

A tipster tells Eater that Shun Japanese Kitchen will open at 2802 South Shepherd Drive in Lower Kirby, and Yoshida confirms to Eater that it will open at that location and he’ll be leading the kitchen. “I like to view it as second-generation Japanese food made local, like Tex-Mex or kung pow chicken. Both you would not find in the original countries but they have adapted to local cuisine while keeping the original roots.”

Details on what Shun Japanese Kitchen will serve are scarce at present beyond that, but diners can look forward to a “refreshing, modern take on Japanese cuisine” that involves tapas-style small plates and, of course, sushi. In addition to the food, the bar will also offer a selection of sakes, perhaps the largest in Houston, that will be served in the drinker’s choice of more than 40 different sake cups, all “hand-selected” by Yoshida.

Look for Shun Japanese Kitchen to debut in September. Stay tuned for more details.