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Asiatown Dim Sum Spot Gets a Major Revamp

Ocean Palace’s new interior will soon be revealed

Photos by Reverb Marketing Agency, Penny Nguyen

One of the largest dim sum restaurants in Bellaire is getting a whole new look. Ocean Palace will unveil its interior renovation with a grand opening at the end of this summer, giving the dim sum destination that opened in 1998 a major revamp.

The new interiors will capture Ocean Palace’s traditional feel, but add modern touches in the form of chandeliers and contemporary art. New features include an open kitchen, private rooms and dining table separators, and a giant fish tank. Once the bottom floor renovations are complete, owner Kiet Duong will be working on renovating the top floor to serve as a venue for guests to host events and ceremonies.

In addition to Ocean Palace’s dim sum carts, guests will be able to order new dishes fusing Cantonese classics with modern flavors by special request. New desserts are also in the works too.

Here’s a little sneak peek of the interior renovation. The restaurant posted this photo on Facebook, along with the caption: “Renovation takes time and effort, but we’ve been putting in the work to bring an improved #dining experience to Ocean Palace! Check out this new texture we’ve added to the restaurant!”

Ocean Palace

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