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Montrose’s Newest Ice Cream Truck Serves Cocktail-Inspired Scoops

Last Call Ice Cream is plying the neighborhood with sangria ice cream

Last Call Ice Cream, a new dessert truck that serves up ice cream inspired by cocktails, has made its Montrose debut.

The ice cream newcomer debuted in August, and has been parking its mobile creamery at 1634 Westheimer Avenue on the weekends, a perfect location considering its proximity to nearby honky-tonk Goodnight Charlie’s. A representative for owner Allen Ebadat tells Eater that though the ice creams are inspired by classic drinks like sangria, there isn’t enough alcohol in a scoop to get tipsy.

A menu of more than a dozen ice cream and sorbet flavors made without dyes and in small batches will offer flavors like berry sangria, strawberry lemonade, and double mint chocolate chip. Three different vegan options — chai, coconut, and German chocolate — are on offer, along with traditional Persian flavors like saffron pistachio. Those are inspired by Ebadat’s family business in Iran, where his father is a major purveyor of traditional Persian ice cream.

“Houston heat is not conducive to high-fat ice cream. If you’ve ever had ice cream and you felt sick, it’s because that high fat content makes you thirsty. It’s like eating cheese in the heat,” Ebadat’s rep says. “We lower the fat a little bit so it’s more refreshing than heavy, especially during those hot Houston days. That makes it a little lighter and creamier.”

At present, Last Call Ice Cream is planning their scooping schedule, and are currently in talks with EaDo’s Blue Field Market to serve ice cream there during weekend days. Eventually, the plan is to search for a permanent location, and perhaps expand to a second truck.

Right now, ice cream enthusiasts can find Last Call parked at 1634 Westheimer on the weekends. Check out its Facebook page for more details on the truck’s whereabouts.

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