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Pi Pizza and Star Fish Slated to Reopen Tomorrow After Today’s “Banking Snafu”

Both restaurants were locked out today after the rent went unpaid

Star Fish
Ellie Sharp/EHOU

Lunchtime diners at Pi Pizza and Star Fish at the Heights Blvd were surprised today to find the restaurants closed and signage noting that the door locks had been changed, but a rep for Cherry Pie Hospitality tells the Houston Business Journal that the entire situation was caused by a “banking snafu” and the restaurants are set to reopen tomorrow.

Swamplot posted a photo a reader sent of the signage on the door detailing the lockout. The overdue rent’s been paid, Cherry Pie Hospitality’s rep told HBJ, and new keys are on their way. The rep also called out challenges from recent leadership changes at the company that led to the situation. Chef Anthony Calleo and founding partner Lee Ellis both stepped away from the business this year.

Update: Cherry Pie Hospitality’s rep tells Eater that both restaurants are re-opening tomorrow, which will happen at 11 a.m. for Pi Pizza and 4 p.m. for Star Fish.

Star Fish

191 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007 (832) 831-9820 Visit Website

Pi Pizza

181 Heights Boulevard, Houston, TX 77007 (832) 767-2433 Visit Website