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Beloved Memphis Barbecue Joint Chooses Katy for First Houston-Area Location

Get ready for ribs, y’all

Corky’s BBQ/Facebook
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In the coming months, Memphis barbecue destination Corky’s will bring its famous ribs to Katy.

As Eater reported back in February, Corky’s BBQ announced earlier this year that it was making a big push into Texas with its Memphis-style barbecue. Now, the chain has announced that it will open its first Houston-area location at 20455 Katy Freeway in Katy, according to an update to its website. Since its founding in 1984, Corky’s has expanded to include multiple locations in Arkansas and Tennessee.

As with most Memphis-style barbecue, the predominant protein at Corky’s is pork, but diners will find all manner of smoked meats on the menu, including smoked chicken drumsticks, sausage, and turkey. The sides, including mac and cheese, french fries, baked potato salad, and baked beans, are pretty traditional for a barbecue joint. There is, however, an option to get a small bowl of Corky’s famous spaghetti on the side, which is decidedly different.

No opening date for Corky’s BBQ’s debut in Katy has been announced just yet. Stay tuned for more details.