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A Matcha Obsessed Shop Will Debut in Asiatown This Fall

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Look for Meccha Matcha to open on Bellaire Boulevard


Meccha Matcha, a matcha-focused tea and dessert shop in Dallas’ suburbs, is opening its second location in Asiatown’s Dun Huang Plaza this fall.

The new location on Bellaire Boulevard will be a franchised outpost owned by a close friend of the brand’s founder, 27 year-old Joseph Be. Be tells Eater that a second franchised location is slated for the Los Angeles area, and he has plans in the works for a rapid Texas expansion, including more outposts in Dallas, Austin, and Houston. “Our main goal is to have a tight grip in Texas,” Be says.

As Eater previously reported, the original Plano location offers up all kinds of matcha-infused desserts and drinks within Japanese tea house-inspired interiors. Be tells Eater that the same tea house aesthetic will make its way to Houston with some extra flair specific to Space City, although in its very preliminary stages, he couldn’t comment on what shape that will take. “People who have gone to Japan, will come back and see that in our shop,” Be assures.

What Eater does know is that the Bellaire outpost will serve the same menu at its popular Plano location including matcha-infused soft serve, floats, lattes, tea, shaved ice, smoothies, ice cream, and parfaits that can be topped with granola, red beans, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, matcha jelly, mochi balls, and matcha chocolate made in-house. Be says the Houston outpost will also carry some food items unique to the area. In Houston, Meccha Matcha joins Matcha Cafe Maiko as the city’s second matcha-focused cafe.

Be comes from a family of restaurant owners mostly in Dallas and Houston, and he learned to cook when he was 12 years old, although he says he’s the first in his family to open a Japanese-inspired shop. “Using my experience in the culinary arts, and my experience with Japan, I figured I could bring that to the Dallas and Houston markets.”

Stay tuned for Meccha Matcha’s official Asiatown opening date and hours of operation.

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