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Sweet and Savory Japanese-Style Crepes Head to Katy [Updated]

NYC’s Eight Turn Crepe will open its first Space City outpost

Eight Turn Crepe [Official Photo]
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Eight Turn Crepe, a new destination for a Japanese take on this classic French dessert, will open in Katy this spring.

Owner Huylong Nguyen tells Eater that he’ll open the first Texas location of Eight Turn Crepe at 23119 Colonial Parkway in the Katy Asian Town development. The shop’s space is currently under construction, and work is expected to be completed sometime in December. After that, Nguyen expects that it will take about three months to get Eight Turn Crepe’s Houston location up and running.

Currently open in Brooklyn, Eight Turn Crepe comes from Harajuku, Japan, and makes each crepe to order. Both savory and sweet options are on offer, and freshly-made crepes can be stuffed with everything from ice cream and fruit to flower petals and ham and cheese. Each crepe is rolled and served in a cone, which makes it easier to consume the bounty of fillings tucked inside. Gluten-avoidant diners will also be able to partake in these crepes, as they’re made from gluten-free rice flour.

When this new sweet shop makes its debut, it will join an exciting lineup of forthcoming eateries at Katy Asian Town, including locations of Houston Sichuan favorite Mala Sichuan Bistro and Japanese cream puff chain Beard Papa’s.

Eight Turn Crepe is currently projected to arrive in March or April. Stay tuned for more details on its arrival.

Update 10/26/18, 9:53 a.m.: This post has been updated to reflect a location of Katy Asian Town rather than the previously announced Katy Grand.