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Two New Shabu Shabu Restaurants Will Open In Houston

Shabu Zone and Shabu Squared are in the works


Houston’s hot pot boom will continue later this fall with the arrival of Shabu2 and Shabu Squared, two new Space City destinations for shabu shabu.

Shabu Zone will open at 11201 Bellaire Boulevard in Asiatown in the coming weeks, bringing a new all-you-can-eat shabu shabu option to the neighborhood. According to Shabu Zone’s website, six different broths will be available, including miso soup, dashi, and shoyu options. Then, diners will chose a range of proteins — Akaushi wagyu chuck, lamb leg, and prime rib are among the options — and vegetables. The bowl can be garnished with a variety of sauces, and a number of seafood options, ranging from mussels to octopus, will also be on offer.

Also en route to Houston is Shabu Squared, which will open at 5820 Sam Houston Parkway. Few details on the menu are available now, but Eater has reached out for more information on what will be on offer. Shabu Squared does tout itself as the city’s “only gourmet shabu shabu restaurant,” which could mean that upscale proteins and garnishes (and a higher price point!) will be on the menu. For the unfamiliar, shabu shabu is a Japanese dish that involves cooking thin slices of meat, vegetables, and tofu in broth or water at the table.

No word yet on when Shabu Squared will debut. A representative for Shabu Zone tells Eater that it will open in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more details on the opening of both restaurants.

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