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A Beer and Board Game Destination Will Debut this Weekend

Board and Brew is opening in North Houston

Board and Brew Gaming website

A new beer-slinging gamers’ paradise, Board and Brew Gaming, is set to launch this weekend in an industrial neighborhood in North Houston.

The new venture at 5750 North Sam Houston Pkwy E, Suite 515 has been road testing its inventory over the last month with “open houses” — putting calls out to gamers via its Facebook page to invite them over for a visit. The concrete block, lime-green-accented space looks ready; it’s full of “terrains” for games, a board game library with hundreds of titles, and hobby stations where enthusiasts can assemble and paint their own pieces. A Facebook post dated August 22, states that construction on the space is complete, yet the team is still putting the finishing touches on the interior including hanging art and installing equipment, but that should not delay its September 1 opening.

According to Board and Brew’s website, a monthly membership costs $28 and buys access to all of the facilities on site (including terrains and hobby stations), the game library, discounts on purchases from the retail catalogue, and maybe most importantly for beer-lovers, access to the “beer exchange program,” a fridge stocked with beer that members have brought in to swap. Board and Brew also plans to have a fully functioning beer bar with eight local craft brews on tap. Eater has reached out for comment as to which local beers made the cut.

Stay tuned for more information on what Board and Brew will be serving when it opens this weekend and hours of operation.

Board and Brew Gaming

5750 North Sam Houston Pkwy E, Suite 515, Houston, TX 77032