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Asiatown’s Exciting New Bellaire Food Street Finally Opens Next Month

Plus, three more eateries have been revealed

Courtesy Bellaire Food Street

Asiatown’s exciting new food destination Bellaire Food Street is less than a month away from debuting, and Eater has confirmed three additional restaurants joining the project.

As of December, seven of the nine planned eateries were confirmed for the new development at 9393 Bellaire Boulevard, plus a 10,000 square-foot food hall. As of this week, the food hall plans have been scrapped the developer tells Eater, and the 10,000 square feet of additional space will be divided up, allowing more restaurants to sign on (totaling 13 in all).

As far as the remaining six tenants, three solid confirmations are:

  • Tom N Toms Coffee: a South Korean coffee chain with more than 410 stores worldwide, which will offer all the typical coffeehouse espresso and tea beverages, alongside some lesser-seen counterparts including a baked sweet potato latte; mango, taro, and pomelo fruit smoothies and slushes; and a walnut iced cappuccino to name a few offerings on its website. As far as eats go, the kimchi pretzel bread looks amazing.
  • Waistation: a brand-new Houston-born fast-casual concept modeled after Hong Kong cafes. The proprietor is from a restaurateur family in Asiatown and travels to Hong Kong regularly, according to the developers, which is where he developed the idea.
  • Chatime: a Taiwanese bubble milk tea chain with 2,500 stores in 38 countries. The developer says a lot of milk tea vendors asked to join Bellaire Food Street, but they picked Chatime because it has the largest worldwide presence. Chatime offers typical milk tea plus dessert jellies, smoothies and slushes, and espresso-laden beverages.

These three will join previously announced restaurants Shi Miao Dao or 10 Second Yunnan Rice Noodle as its known in the U.S.; Fat Ni BBQ a Xinjiang-style skewered meats spot; Japanese teppanyaki Pepper Lunch; Beard Papa’s cream puff chain; Popfancy gourmet popsicles; plus Migo, a Saigon street food eatery, and Meet Fresh, a Taiwanese chain for shaved ice. Beard Papas, Migo, and Meet Fresh will be the first to debut in early February, according to the developer, with all eateries open by summer.

The developer is still interviewing restaurants for the final three spots and invites diners to drop them a line on what they’d like to see at Bellaire Food Street. In the meantime, stay tuned for more exciting announcements.