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A Restaurant Devoted to Chef Residencies Opens Tonight in the Original Beaver’s Space

The first chef up at Decatur Bar & Popup Factory is Chopped champion Evelyn Garcia

Photo: Decatur Bar/Instagram

It’s opening night for the Decatur Bar & Popup Factory, a restaurant incubator in the former original Beaver’s space centered around a constantly rotating lineup of chefs. The project from original Beaver’s partners Adam Brackman and Chef Monica Pope will hook chefs up with three-month residencies at Decatur Bar & Popup Factory as a gateway to opening their own restaurants. It’s been expected for some time now, and previously went by the name Vinegar Hill.

First up at 2310 Decatur Street in the Old Sixth Ward Historic District is Evelyn Garcia, who won Chopped in 2014. Garcia will whip up a $65 four-course menu featuring dishes like Thai-inspired fried chicken, grilled curry prawns, and rose water milk cake. Meanwhile, veteran bartender Leslie Krockenberger’s beverage program will serve up her unique twist on tiki drinks and Cosmos. Check out the menus below:

Reservations for Garcia’s 30-seat family style dinners on Friday’s and Saturday’s are encouraged, with seatings at 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.