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Super-Stretchy Palestinian Ice Cream Is Headed to Houston

Booza is en route this spring


A Palestinian ice cream shop renowned for its stretchy ice cream is bringing its secret formula to Houston. The family behind Rukab’s Ice Cream in Ramallah, Palestine is opening up a store called Booza (or “ice cream” in Arabic) at 5922 Richmond Avenue in Woodlake/Briar Meadow.

The business dates back to the 1930s when family matriarch Sarah Rukab whipped up batches of ice cream after the sudden passing of her husband in 1932. She enlisted her sons to sell her creations and the operation grew into a shop, which has been in the same location in Ramallah since 1941. The famed taffy-like frozen treats at Rukab Ice Cream have drawn in food writers for the likes of the BBC and Vice.

Now Sarah’s great grandson Fadi “Chris” Rukab has brought the family recipe to Houston via the new shop Booza. Expect to find flavors like chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, lemon, and a white ice cream made with the natural milk flavor and pistachio. There’s also plans to sell gelato, sherbet, and more icy desserts in upwards of 20 to 25 flavors.

After shipping in ice cream-making machinery from Italy, the only wait left is for a license from the city. Rukab is hoping to open Booza on March 1, but will open sooner than that if possible.