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7 Leaves Brings A New Cozy Asian Teahouse to Bellaire Boulevard

The SoCal-based chain will serve up a plethora of caffeinated beverages from the Asian continent

A tray of boba teas garnished with citrus, chocolate, and more 7 Leaves/Facebook

A Southern California chain for Asian tea and coffee drinks has found a new home on Bellaire Boulevard.

7 Leaves started off in the Asian community,” says franchisee Jackson Long, who is responsible for introducing 7 Leaves to the South Texas market with multiple locations slated for Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. The first will debut at 9798 Bellaire Boulevard Suite B in March. The business has “taken Southern California by storm,” according to Long, and counts 15 locations between SoCal and a newly opened outpost in Las Vegas. This will be the brand’s first foray into Texas and aims to create a comfy at-home atmosphere with warm wood furnishings and free printers for patrons to use while in the cafe.

7 Leaves specializes in coffee and tea beverages native to Asian countries including matcha-infused varieties from Japan, Thai tea from Thailand, plus taro milk tea popular in Vietnam, alongside Vietnamese coffee and a long list of tea varietals. A SoCal native, Long is the same franchisee responsible for bringing North Shore Poke Co. to the Houston market and introducing the Halal Guys to Southern California.

Stay tuned for 7 Leaves’ official March opening date and its hours of operation.