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Inspired By Viral Story, A Houston Bar Will Serve Wine Out of Pringles Cans

Get thee to The Branch for merlot served in the classiest vessel possible

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These cans, filled with wine, are going to be on offer at The Lodge
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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Inspired by a Wichita Falls woman barred from a Walmart store for riding around the parking lot with a Pringles can full of wine, Spring Branch bar the Branch will offer Houstonians a similar opportunity to get lit.

On Wednesday, The Branch will serve wine in mini cans of Pringles. A photo posted to the bar’s Facebook page indicates that the bar’s “Texas Wine Service” will feature mini cans of (original flavor, for those who are curious) Pringles filled with either chablis or merlot — of the boxed wine variety — for $3 each. No word yet on what Franzia merlot tastes like when mingled with tiny bits of potato chip and salt.

The incident that inspired the Branch’s classiest new offering has earned viral attention, and has been written about by countless publications. According to ABC 11 in Wichita Falls, the woman had been roaming the WalMart parking lot on an electric shopping cart with her wine-filled Pringles can for about three hours before police responded to the scene after a call about a “suspicious person.” The woman has not been identified, and was not arrested.

The Branch will start slinging wine-filled Pringles cans at 10 p.m. on Wednesday night. Here’s hoping that all who partake will call an Uber instead of heading to the nearest WalMart parking lot.

We call this "Texas Wine Service". Suckit, Florida! Your choice of "Chabliss" or "Mer-Lot" for $3. Served in Pringles...

Posted by The Branch on Tuesday, January 15, 2019