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A Mexico City Taqueria Just Debuted in the Heights

Look for La Vibra Tacos’ dozen taco varieties


A new Mexico City taco bar with a zesty name just debuted in the Heights.

La Vibra Tacos, meaning“vibrant” in Spanish, opened its doors at 506 Yale Street, serving up dozens of varieties of tacos and something called las costras or a hardened gouda cheese enveloping a variety of meat choices including ribeye beef, pork pastor, chicken, shrimp, and more. According to a photo of the menu posted to Facebook, there are also what appears to be taco bowls and sides on offer including quesadillas, several types of beans, palm heart salad, potato puffs, and chips and guacamole. For drinks, diners will find bottled beer, soda, and aguas frescas in flavors like horchata, jamaica (hibiscus), and pineapple mint.

A local Houstonian helped bring La Vibra north from Mexico City where the ownership group has a successful taqueria enterprise, according to Houstonia. No word yet on whether more La Vibra locations are planned for Houston.

La Vibra is now open in the Heights. Stay tuned for its hours of operation.