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A New Vegan Bistro Brings Dutch Dishes to Montrose

Liefs brings plant-based eats from Amsterdam to Houston

A massive meatless burger will be on the menu at Leifs
Leifs [Official Photo]
Amy McCarthy is a staff writer at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

This summer, a new vegan bistro will bring classic Dutch dishes made entirely from plants to Montrose.

Called Liefs, which means “love” in Dutch and is pronounced like “leaves,” owners Thomas and Fem Massink are currently in negotiations for a space in the heart of Montrose for the cafe. The husband-and-wife duo hails from Amsterdam, and came to Houston to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry. Then, the idea for Liefs was born. “We came to Houston for an international oil and gas career, and gave all that up to follow or vision of helping to create a kinder world, one meal at a time,” Fem Massink tells Eater.

As far as the food is concerned, the Massinks are still finalizing the menu, but diners can look forward to a bounty of vegan dishes ranging from avocado toast and veggie-packed power bowls to poffertjes, or mini Dutch pancakes that are traditionally served with syrup or sugar. Locally-brewed libations will also be on offer, along with a cocktail menu.

Liefs is expected to make its Montrose debut in June 2019. Stay tuned for an official opening date.