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Ice-Cream-Filled Bubble Waffles Will Land in Two New Locations This Year

Bubble Egg is expanding

Bubble Egg/Facebook

After debuting its bubble waffles in Asiatown more than a year ago, Bubble Egg has just announced it’s expanding with two more Houston-area locations.

A new outpost will debut in the Katy Asian Town development this spring, followed by another location in Garden Oaks at 1717 West 34th Street this summer. The now-growing chain opened its first location at 9188 Bellaire Boulevard at the end of 2017, and quickly became a popular dessert destination thanks to its take on Hong Kong’s favorite street dessert, all set within minimalist interiors.

While historically eaten plain in the home country since the 1950s, Bubble Egg capitalized on dessert mashup hysteria sweeping the country (think doughnut-topped milkshakes, for example). To that end, Bubble Egg’s waffles also serve as the cones for giant scoops of decadently topped ice cream.

Waffles are made to order, and diners can opt for waffle batter that’s plain or flavored with matcha or chocolate, then fill it with savory ingredients like bacon, cheese, sesame, and seaweed, or sweets like chocolate chips, Fruity Pebbles, or Oreos. Ice cream comes in 11 flavors including the basics: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, plus matcha green tea, banana pudding, and pistachio almond. Dessert lovers can finish off the ice cream-waffle mashup with a choice of more than 25 toppings like fruit, nuts, boba, mochi, and Pocky, and drizzles of chocolate or caramel sauce. Drinks are also on offer including fresh fruit mocktails, slushes, boba milk tea, flavored iced teas, and more.

Stay tuned for the exact dates for Bubble Egg’s two 2019 arrivals.

Bubble Egg/Facebook
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