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Frenchy’s Chicken’s Third Ward Outpost Shutters Tomorrow

Sadly, the iconic original location will be torn down

a Frenchy’s fried chicken spread, with fried wings and jalapenos in a to-go box, a to-go tub of greens, sweet potato pie, and a strawberry soda. Frenchy’s/Facebook

Fans of Frenchy’s Chicken have until tomorrow to score the crispy fried bird at the restaurant’s original Third Ward outpost before it’s torn down next week.

Beyonce’s favorite fried chicken spot at 3919 Scott Street was supposed to be demolished on January 1 after selling its property to make room for expansion at the neighboring church, but according to ABC13 Eyewitness News, hoards of fans came out during its final days, prompting it to stay open a bit longer.

Frenchy’s operates a large handful of outposts across Houston and is a notable favorite of Queen Bey herself, who stopped in to score a delicious assortment of Frenchy’s fare while in H-town. This summer, the longstanding eatery will debut a new two-story flagship restaurant at the corner of Alabama and Scott Streets less than a mile from its original, according to ABC13. In the meantime, Frenchy’s fans can visit its temporary Third Ward outpost at 4646 Scott Street just down the block.