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Karbach Brewing Places Big Beer Bet on the Houston Astros Winning the ALCS

Plus, more Houston dining intel

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Karbach places pride on the line with Astros ALCS bet

With the American League Championship Series set to continue tonight as the Astros face off with the Yankees back in Houston, Space City’s own Karbach Brewing has placed a major bet on the series’s conclusion with New York City’s Blue Point Brewing. Here’s the wager: if the Yankees win, Karbach will have to brew and serve Blue Point’s Pinstripe Pils, which comes complete with Yankee branding. If (when?) the Astros win, Blue Point will have to brew Karbach’s Crawford Bock in New York.

Houston’s departs the Galleria

After nearly 40 years, Houston’s has officially closed the doors to its longtime Westheimer Road location near the Galleria. Per Houstonia, Houston’s owners Hillstone Restaurant Group say that “circumstances beyond our reasonable control prevented us from operating to our standards at Houston’s on Westheimer.” The chain’s Kirby location is unaffected by the closure, which is reportedly related to issues with the building’s lease, and will remain open.