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Candy Shack’s Fishbowls Full of Boozy Frozen Daiquiri Are En Route to Southeast Houston

Local chain Candy Shack Daiquiris has a new outpost in the works

A fishbowl of frozen daiquiri garnished with candy
Actual fishbowls full of frozen daiquiri are Candy Shack’s specialty
Candy Shack/Facebook
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Candy Shack Daiquiris, a local chain known for its seriously over-the-top boozy beverages, has a new outpost in the works for Southeast Houston.

A post to Candy Shack’s Facebook page indicates that it will soon open a location at 8903 Cullen Boulevard. It’s the growing chain’s sixth Houston-area outpost, following a Candy Shack that opened on Washington Avenue last year. A seventh is also open in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Arlington.

When Candy Shack arrives in South Houston, drinkers can look forward to brightly colored frozen drinks with occasionally cringe-worthy names like “Baby Mama Drama,” “Victoria’s Secret” and “Creamy Crack.” Those daiquiris, available with or without booze, can also be layered together in giant fishbowls and garnished with tons of candy, a feat that has earned Candy Shack a massive following on Instagram. In addition to its fruity frozen drinks, Candy Shack boasts a tight menu of snacks like chicken and waffles, Mexican street corn, and deep-fried “cheesy bites.”

Scope out some of the drink options below:

Stay tuned for more details on when Candy Shack will open its newest outpost.