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Stuffed Baguette Sandwiches are Coming to CityPlace

The Dallas fast-casual chain Bread Zeppelin will open its first franchise in north Houston next spring

The “Zeppelin” sandwich at Bread Zeppelin Salads Elevated.
Bread Zeppelin Salads Elevated [official photo]

A Dallas fast-casual chain that stuffs sandwich fillings in a cored-out baguette will open its first franchise in north Houston next spring.

Bread Zeppelin Salads Elevated just inked a 1,900-square-foot deal inside the CityPlace development at north Houston’s Springwoods Village.

High school friends Andrew Schoellkopf and Troy Charhon started the branded a decade ago, with six locations now sprinkled across Dallas. Avalanche Food Group (AFG) is charged with the Houston expansion.

Along with a its signature cored-out “Zeppelin” — a sturdier alternative to a wrap — there’s salads like the Metro Cobb (herb grilled chicken, avocado, crumbled eggs, bleu cheese, bacon, tomatoes, romaine and iceberg) and the Lonestar (grilled flank steak, avocado, tomatoes, fried onion, jalapenos and iceberg). Guests can also build their own creations, choosing from dressings and an array of marinated and grilled proteins.

In the next year, CityPlace will also welcome newly announced Sushi Rebel, the Uptown Sushi sister spot, as well as Island Grill, cult Houston bakery Common Bond, and Star Cinema Grill, a 10-screen, dine-in movie theater.