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Katy Malaysian Favorite Phat Eatery Will Double Its Seat Count Next Month

The street food fave will close for two weeks in a major revamp

The bar at Phat Eatery.
The bar area will grow at Phat Eatery next month.
Kimberly Park/Phat Eatery

After a wildly successful first year of business in Katy, Malaysian street foods spot Phat Eatery will double the size of its dining room to 100 seats.

The expansion is in response to the long wait times and lines out the door for chef-owner Alex Au-Yeung’s Malaysian mamak-inspired fare. He’s secured the long-vacant 2,250-square-foot space next door, with plans to use a third of the interior for Phat Eatery (23119 Colonial Parkway). He plans to lease the balance of the layout to various to-be-announced vendors.

Service will halt starting Monday, November 4, when the wall is knocked down to join the two spaces. Au-Yeung hopes to reopen Friday, November 15.

Phat Eatery, just named a top 100 restaurant by the Houston Chronicle, will continue to serve lunch and dinner seven days a week.

Opening up the left wall of the restaurant means the existing bar will transform into a U-shaped setup with seating on three sides. The kitchen was intentionally overbuilt in anticipation of one day expanding next door, so most of the added space will be devoted to more seating and a roomier waiting area.

“Right now, it’s just not enough seating,” says Hong Kong native Au-Yeung. “We have one- to two-hour waits on weekends, and many times at both weekday lunch and dinner also.”

Some of the extra space will provide the kitchen with added dry storage and workspace, as well as employee restrooms. Feeding more patrons at a time means staff will bulk up from 16 to 25 employees.

Interior at Phat Eatery
Architect John H Tsai of JT Arc Studio will augment the eatery’s neon-lit night market vibes.
Kimberly Park/Phat Eatery

The expansion will also spark the addition of a new six-course “Feed Me” tasting menu featuring off-menu items ($35 to $40 per person, reservation only). Additions across its existing Southeast Asian lineup calls for a Malaysian-style charcoal-grilled barbecue pork with noodles and the introduction of dessert options.