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Find Crispy Korean Hot Dogs on a Stick in Katy

Sul Bing Su is now serving up the street food favorite

Chung Chun Rice Dogs/Facebook

Katy’s Sul Bing Su is now serving up a Seoul street food favorite. Starting this weekend, the Korean shaved ice shop is selling hot dogs on a stick from Chungchun Rice Dog. It might look like a corndog, but these snacks are dipped in rice flour batter.

The flavors at Sul Bing Su are diverse. Options include a plain hot dog, a hot dog wrapped in crispy fried potatoes, a mozzarella cheese hotdog, a cheddar cheese hot dog, an all mozzarella version, a sweet potato hot dog, a version with sausage, a squid ink and mozzarella cheese hot dog, a spicy sausage “volcano” hot dog, and a hot dog rolled with fried ramen toppings. Diners can drizzle on ketchup and mustard too.

Take a look at these fancy, crispy fried dogs below: