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A CBD-Infused Coffee Shop Is Set to Open Spring 2020

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Amsterdam Co. just announced its address

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A new coffee shop that bills itself as “Houston’s Original Cannabis Coffee Co.” is planning on a spring 2020 opening. Amsterdam Co. CoffeeBar plans to offer drinks infused with cannabis-derived compound CBD, serving up Dutch press coffee made with butter, smoothies, lattes, and teas — all with CBD oil.

“CBD is legal in Texas, it’s around everywhere,” Amsterdam Co. co-founder Michael Migl told Eater this past January. “There’s already a CBD cafe in San Antonio. We’re trying to be the first one in Houston. I’m from Houston, and we want it to be a Houston thing.” Migl is Houston born, and he’s working on Amsterdam Co. with co-founder Drew Bailey.

The original plan was to open in summer 2019, and Migl told Eater they had hired a Denver-based attorney who specializes in cannabis-focused businesses to guide them through the opening process. An Instagram post from this week indicates a Spring 2020 opening and Amsterdam Co.’s new location: “We are excited to announce our location 807 W 19th Houston Tx!” There’s also a call for job openings for the forthcoming spot.