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Seabrook Waffle Company Expands to Pearland

The demand for these fancy waffles has already been “overwhelming”

Photo: Seabrook Waffle Company/Facebook

A favorite for traditional liege waffles has a new home in Pearland. Seabrook Waffle Company opened the doors last Friday to its new shop at 2740 Broadway off Pearland Parkway at 518. This is the second location for Seabrook Waffle Company, which has been open in Seabrook for more than seven years.

The waffles here are made from dough instead of batter, and topped with sweet ingredients (like the “Honey Bunches” with speculoos, bananas, blueberries, almonds, and honey drizzle) or savory ingredients like (an eggs Benedict).

So far, Houston seems into Seabrook Waffle Company. On Saturday, December 21, the company wrote on its Facebook page that it had sold out of waffles: “Pearland, your response has been overwhelming!!! Our dough takes 24 hours in order to be ready to serve and we simply sold more than we ever imagined.”