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Chron Critic Defends the Honor of Tex-Mex After Mother Jones Editor Calls the Cuisine ‘Glop’

Alison Cook wasn’t having any of Clara Jeffery’s queso slander

These enchiladas at Killen’s TMX are definitely not ‘glop’
Kimberly Park
Amy McCarthy is a reporter at, focusing on pop culture, policy and labor, and only the weirdest online trends.

In an ill-advised tweet sent on Sunday night, Mother Jones editor Clara Jeffery shared her disdain for the national cuisine of Texas, Tex-Mex. Shortly after, Houston Chronicle food critic Alison Cook set Jeffrey straight in the best way possible.

In her initial tweet, a response to a question asking what her “unforgivable food gaffe” would be while running for president, Jeffery describes queso as “nasty” and describes Tex-Mex as “glop.” Immediately after the tweet was sent, replies began to pour in from both Texans and people outside the state with functioning taste buds, defending the majesty of cheesy enchiladas, fajitas, margaritas, and of course, queso.

Cook began her response to Jeffrey graciously, pointing out that most Texans disagree with her assertion and wondering whether or not she’d ever eaten actual Tex-Mex. After Jeffrey responded by saying (in part) that Tex-Mex just “isn’t [her] jam,” she went even further in insulting the Lone Star State. “I can’t even with Texas’ inflated sense of grandiosity and injury at every juncture, this being the most tribal of them,” she wrote. It was at this point that Cook was clearly fed up with Jeffrey’s reductive view of Tex-Mex and those who love it.

And here comes the real mic drop moment:

Boom. Don’t come for Tex-Mex, or Alison Cook will come for you.