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NYC’s Ramen Okidoki Is Now Open After Relocating to Houston

From Astoria to Bellaire Blvd.

Photo: Ramen Okidoki/Instagram

Ramen Okidoki is now open in Houston after making the long trek from Queens, NY. As previously reported by Eater, the popular NYC ramen shop relocated to 10603 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite 107-B in Asiatown’s Saigon Houston Plaza. Now Ramen Okidoki is dishing out noodles after a soft opening this weekend.

The restaurant made the announcement on Instagram, posting photos of its streamlined dining room lit up with an Instagrammable pink neon sign reading “You are so ramentic.” On the menu, the ramen lineup includes shoyu ramen, tonkotsu ramen and a spicy version of the pork-based broth, and veggie ramen. The namesake ramen is a spicy chicken broth with scallion, corn, menma, cabbage, bean sprouts, and chicken or chashu pork.

Add onto bowls of ramen with orders of Japanese-style potato croquette, takoyaki (pancake balls with octopus), or steamed fried chicken buns — and wings or a half chicken that’s a collaboration between Lims Chicken USA, which formerly occupied the space, and Okidoki. Diners will also find bowls of donburi and noodle dishes, and sake and beer on the drinks menu.