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Anvil’s New Neighbor Will Be a Bar and Cafe Called Penny Quarter

“Coffee during the day. Wine in the evening or you know, vice versa”

Penny Quarter/Facebook

New details dropped today about Houston bar mogul Bobby Heugel’s plans for the space next door to his Anvil Bar & Refuge in Montrose. Back in July, Heugel announced he would take over Etro, the bar that Anvil shared a building with at 1424 Westheimer Road. The details were scant, other than a promise not to disrupt “Anvil’s identity and consistency” with the project.

Now, there’s a website and social media pages for this new bar and cafe, which will be called Penny Quarter. According to its Instagram page, Penny Quarter is slated to open in early June of this year. The gang from Heugel’s other outposts will be well-represented here too. “We are very excited to announce that our ALL-DAY café and bar will have the ALL-STAR crew,” the Instagram caption reads.

That means Justin Vann will head up Penny Quarter’s wine program, while Justin Yu will be responsible for food, Alex Negranza will be the coffee director, and Anvil’s Tommy Ho will serve as general manager. Garrison Design Office is handling Penny Quarter’s design.

Negranza, who works at Heugel outposts including Tongue-Cut Sparrow and The Pastry War, shared a slick-looking rendering of the new space on Instagram. He wrote in the caption: “10 years ago, Anvil Bar & Refuge opened, and today we couldn’t be more excited to finally announce our next project: Penny Quarter! Located behind my first Houston bar home, Penny Quarter will be an addition to the Montrose neighborhood, a community that has anchored the cafe and coffee community for decades in Houston.”

Meanwhile, Ho shared a bit more about Penny Quarter’s philosophy along with another rendering, writing: “Coffee during the day. Wine in the evening or you know, vice versa, whatever floats your boat.”

Eater reached out to the team and will update this post if necessary.